Some personal stuff about me.

The website is primarily my academic online representation -- yet we are all humans, aren't we? This part of this website is where I convey a bit of personal information, or provide some links of a non-professional nature.

Human rights

  • I've been a long-time member of Amnesty International, the world's biggest human rights organization. They have sections in almost all parts of the world, so if you have a bit of spare time and are keen getting to know some smart and interesting people, search for a local group, there might be several in your own town! (E.g., most Universities have their own group, often on top of a local group of a city.) Talk to me about it if you'd like to.
  • I'm a member of (German) non-profit foundation that publishes books (by professional authors as well human rights experts etc.) about human rights, Edition Kettenbruch. Although we only published German books so far, feel free approaching me if you have ideas for future books, know interested authors, or would like to offer your services etc.


A collection of a few of the YouTube channels that I watch from time to time.

  • Kurzgesagt: An amazing YouTube channel covering all different kinds of scientific topics, most are related to physics and the Universe, but they cover other topics like medicine/vaccinations and many more. The name is German for "in a nutshell", but the content is English! (Though they've recently launched a German channel as well.)
  • VSauce: Another absolutely amazing YouTube channel! :) It covers so extremely many topics that it's hard to even describe it in the first place. They even cover technical topics like number theory, but also every-day topics like the placebo effect. What stands out is how entertaining it is despite explaining everything on a scientific level while still being easy to grasp.
  • Ted Talks: Some "private people" give an interesting talk about what they personally care about (in an interesting and entertaining way). Many are scientists or Professors, others are entrepreneurs, or just "normal" people with an interesting life story due to exceptional events in their life. A very few people just seem to be self-promoters who like hearing them talk^^, but the vast majority is actually quite good and interesting.
  • Last week Tonight: A comedy/entertainment show, but all the content covered is of an educational nature. Much of it is tailored to the USA, but many topics generalise.
  • Adam ruins everything: Like Last week tonight, this is clearly entertainment and comedy, yet again the covered content is pure education. The show explains common myths, i.e., wrong every-day "knowledge" (and provides citations for the clarification). It also shows where certain traditions come from - most of the time "ruining" them for those enjoying them so far. :)


  • xkcd: If you are a computer scientist (or a mathematician etc.), you very likely know these great comics already! Their own description: A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Here's a selection that's highly related to us (computer) scientists:

    xkcd also features what if?, "serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions". (You might know this from the big bang theory... :))

  • PhD comics: These are comics concerned with doing the PhD or academics in general. The comics are not "smart" as xkcd, they are just funny for academics since we can identify. Here's a list of the 200 most popular comics.
  • Monty Python

    Well, there are countless "Best of" lists you can easily google for by yourself, so I don't see the point providing yet another list here. I just try to obtain a bit of "culture" by making aware of it! It's simply so old already that current just don't it anymore. So, I just give two of the most famous sketches (search for more!).

    But first, did you know that the name of the programming language python is a tribute to Monty Python? There are further references, such as using "spam and eggs" in comments (etc.) instead of the typical "foo and bar". (see Wikipedia)

    • Argument Clinic, just the part about having an argument
    • Spam Did you know that the expression "SPAM" for the endless flooding with unwanted content comes from exactly this sketch? If you are a computer scientist you should know!