Courses at the ANU

To clarify the terminology: The convenor is the person in charge of the entire course, i.e., officially responsible for all the organization. The lecturer, if any, is "only" delivering certain lectures. Normally, the convenor delivers the majority of the lectures, if not all.

Course convening

  • Logic (COMP2620/6262/PHIL2080)

    Since 2021 I am, together with Yoshihiro (Yoshi) Maruyama, the convenor of the Logic course, which is offered each year in Semester 1. Lecturing-wise, I deliver the first 50% of the course, and Yoshi delivers the second 50%. In 2020 I was the second examiner and supporting the course with tutoring and marking.

Lecturer for Courses

  • Algorithms (COMP3600/6466)

    In 2021 I delivered 3 weeks (25%) of the Algorithms course, convened by Hanna Kurniawati. (Formally, I'm the second examiner.)

Guest Lecturer for Courses

  • Guest lecture AI in Games in the course Structured Programming (COMP1110), convened by Steve Blackburn. Delivered in S2 2020 and S2 2021. Video recording. Slides.

  • Guest lecture Theoretical Research Methods ... Illustrated in AI Planning in the course Advanced Computing R&D Methods (COMP2550/4450/6445), convened by Jochen Renz. Delivered in S1 2020. Slides.

  • Guest lecture Classical Planning in the Canberra Computer Science Enrichment, organised by Josh Milthorpe. That's a course for high school students being interested in University teaching and research. Slides. Hands-on material.