Research Projects

If you are visiting this page, it's likely that you are a student! :) Visit my page about resources for students, which contains a number of useful resources, such as LaTeX templates including a thesis report template. Note that this thesis template goes beyond a template as it contains a beginner's advice on how to write a report and which commonly made mistakes should be prevented.

Anyway, back to research projects: At the ANU, students need to complete a range of different research projects, each worth 6, 12, or 24 points, depending on the degree. 6 pts are equivalent to one standard course, which corresponds to 130 hours of work on average (Point 16 Procedure 691). 24 pts is what's expected per semester in total, so if one takes an Honours thesis (24 pts) over two semesters, two other courses should be taken per semester on top of that.

You find all my potential projects as individual links in the navigation at the top below this page, i.e., below:
Teaching > Teaching at the ANU > Research Projects (this page!)

Before you head there, please read the following:

  • I will not accept any further applications for research projects in S2 2023, I'm maxed out. I've already agreed to supervise a few students/projects, have a few studenens finishing up from semester 1, and have a new PhD student commencing. On top of this, I'm a co-convenor of a course (Algoritms), which I didn't convene before. If you still need a supervisor for a research project, please see the section below for advice on how to find one.)
  • When you apply for a project, please let me know which prerequisites you bring with. For example, tell me which relevant courses you have picked in the past. And don't worry if you are a beginner, that is not at all a problem! In this case, checking out my advice on getting started with AI planning might be helpful. (But you won't have to read it before you start or even apply.)
  • You might also read the part How to apply? that's on my advice for applying PhD students. But please don't get scared by that text! :) I just want you to put a bit of effort into your email and to educate you on proper use of titles (well, and letting you know that I'm happy with a first-name basis only, which excludes any titles.)
  • Check out all the content below, which gives some advice on other research projects (with other supervisors) in case I don't have any capacities left. Please do understand that I get approximately 10 applications every single semester, but I can only take between 1 and 4, depending on my teaching load in that respective semester, so please accept if I don't have capacities left.

Potential Supervisors and Other Research Projects

I might be overburdened already, or I might simply not be the best choice for you, e.g. research-wise.

So here are a few other recommendations to get hunting for a supervisor:

These were just the ones closest related to me. If there's nobody in there for you, you can expand your search by looking through this webpage to get lists of all our clusters and groups.

On top of that the following links might be helpful:

Let me know in case you know more resources that might be helpful for some!