• Jan. 2022 — today: (tenure-track) Senior Lecturer at the ANU.
    (US-equivalent: Associate Professor, German equivalent: Professor (rank W2))
  • Nov. 2019 — Dec. 2021: (tenure-track) Lecturer at the ANU.
    (US-equivalent: Assistant Professor, German equivalent: Junior-Professor (rank W1))
  • Oct. 2016 — Oct. 2019: Project coordinator over the entire runtime of the technology transfer project Do it yourself, but not alone: Companion-Technology for Home Improvement, which was a collaboration between two Institutes of Ulm University and the Corporate Research Sector of Robert Bosch GmbH.
  • July 2009 — Dec. 2017: Dr. rer. nat. at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Ulm University, Germany. My supervisor was Prof. Dr. Susanne Biundo-Stephan.
  • Oct. 2003 — June 2009: Studies of Computer Science (German "Diplom", which is roughly Bachelor + Master in a single degree) at the University of Freiburg, Germany.

For my various service roles undertaken at the ANU (or Ulm University), visit the respective page.