In 2021 I took over the Logic course (PHIL2080 / COMP2620 / COMP6262) from John Slaney. Together with Yoshihiro Maruyama I convened the course in 2021. In 2022 I became the solve convenor. In both courses I delivered the first half of the course, whereas Yoshi delivered the second half.

This second-year Bachelor course runs every Semester 1 and usually has between 350 and 400 students.

Below I provide the latest version of the slides (that I had created) before I left the course. The slides were completely developed by myself, although they directly base upon material by John Slaney. I essentially took his whiteboard lecture and turned it into lecture slides.

Since I only created the first half of the course, I only provide those slides.

Here you find all the rules for the proof systems taught in the first six weeks.

  • week 1: Introduction to Logic (Slides (handout) (single))

  • week 2: Sequents, Semantics, and Propositional Natural Deduction — Conjunction, Implication, Theorems (Slides (handout) (single))

  • week 3: Propositional Natural Deduction — Negation, Disjunction (Slides (handout) (single))

  • week 4a: Propositional Logic — Semantic Tableaux (Slides (handout) (single))

  • week 4b: Propositional Logic — Recap on Proof Strategies (and some System Support) (Slides (handout) (single))

  • week 5: First-Order Logic — Introduction and Natural Deduction (Slides (handout) (single))

  • week 6: First-Order Logic — Properties of Proof Systems and Semantic Tableaux (Slides (handout) (single))

List of topics for the other weeks can be taken from the class summary