About me (and this Website)

Welcome to my website!

I'm Pascal Bercher, and this website is primarily my academic CV, though you also find some personal information on here as well. My college has recently (late 2021) decided to replace our (quite detailed) employee pages with rather short business card-like profiles (to be done early 2022). I thus had to create my own personal website to promote my research to students (seeking for research projects, etc.), potential PhD students, and of course colleagues!

Thus, you'll find my entire academic profile (see links above) on these pages, but also

  • some additional resources, like:
    • links to external academia-related content
    • my lecture material (slides, videos)
    • various templates (thesis reports, slides etc.)
  • some personal stuff about me, like:
    • I'm a member of Amnesty International and a few other human rights organizations/foundations. Due to my academic career I don't find time anymore being active, but I'd still like to promote the great work that's done by others sacrificing their time for the good of us all. Even you could be a part of it, so check out the information provided here.
    • We live in a world where endless knowledge (about literally everything: psychology, religion, science, ...) is accessible to everybody with internet access, so there is no excuse for being a sheep-like person (German: unm├╝ndig). There are so many great educational YouTube channels, which are entertaining at the same time! I provide a list of some of my favorites here as well.
    • Some more entertaining stuff, just look for yourself in case you have some time to spare.