Research Projects at Ulm University

At Ulm University, there are essentially three kinds of research projects. In contrast to some other countries like Australia, everybody doing their Bachelor and Master must write a final thesis project.

  • A Bachelor thesis takes roughly half a semester full time (i.e., equivalent to two courses). It can thus be compared to a 12 pt research project at the ANU.
  • A Master thesis takes exactly one semester full time (i.e., worth four courses). It can be compared to a 24 pt Honours project at the ANU.
  • There are also so-called research projects and practicals, which take much shorter time (usually worth one or two courses), and are often purely "applied" rather than addressing an actual research question.

Statistics on Supervised Theses and Projects

Back at Ulm University (2009 to 2019), I supervised:

  • 4 Diploma or Master Theses
  • 9 Bachelor Theses
  • 5 projects or practicals

List of Supervised Theses and Projects

Diploma and Master Theses
  • 2018: On the Linearization of Partially Ordered HTN Planning Problems
  • 2018: On the Computational Complexity of Post-Optimising Partially Ordered Plans
  • 2014: Exploiting Task Decomposition Graphs for Hierarchical Planning
  • 2012: Partial-Order Causal-Link Planning mit Präferenzen
    (English: Partial-Order Causal-Link Planning with Preferences)
Bachelor Theses
  • 2019: Estimating Goal Distances in POCL Planning: Putting Causal Links to Use
  • 2019: Algorithms for Identifying and Eliminating Redundant Actions in Partially Ordered Plans
  • 2018: A Generic Approach for the Provision of Advice in Modeling Hierarchical Planning Domains
  • 2017: Untersuchung von Konsistenz und Adäquatheit von Planungsmodellen
    (English: Investigation of Consistency and Adequacy of Planning Models)
  • 2016: The Utility of SAT-Solving for Heuristics in Partial-Order Causal-Link Planning
  • 2013: Implementierung und Evaluierung von Suchstrategien für Hybrides Planen
    (English: Implementation and Evaluation of Search Strategies for Hybrid Planning)
  • 2012: Visualisierung hierarchischer Domänenmodelle
    (English: Visualization of hierarchical domain models)
  • 2013: Entwicklung einer Methode zur graphischen Darstellung von Planerklärungen
    (English: Construction of a Method for the graphical Illustration of Plan Explanations)
  • 2012: Modellierung von Alltagsunterstützung als hybride Planungsdomäne: eine Fallstudie
    (English: Modeling Every-Day Support as Hybrid Planning Domain: A Case Study)
Projects and Practicals
  • 2019: A Graphical Editor for Drawing Plans with Export to LaTeX tikz
  • 2018: Investigating the Legality of Hybrid Planning Models as a Basis for Intelligent Modeling Support
  • 2016: PANDA3 Visualizer
  • 2015: Effiziente Behandlung von Dekompositionsaxiomen in PANDA2
    (English: Efficient Processing of Decomposition Axioms in PANDA2)
  • 2012: Experimentiertool für PANDA2: PANDA2 Laboritory
    (English: A Tool for Empirical Experiments with PANDA2: PANDA2 Laboritory)