Pascal Lauer

Pascal (aka young Pascal :)) pursues a dual degree, i.e., he obtains a Ph.D. from the ANU and simultaneously a Dr. Ing. from Saarland University (UdS). He has thus two supervisors. Apart from me (aka old Pascal) he's supervised by Prof. Dr. Jörg Hoffmann (from UdS). He started his Ph.D. at Saarland on October 2022, the official enrolement at the ANU were completed in July 2023. So far it's planned that he spends 2.5 years of his PhD at Saarland University and 1.5 years at the ANU.

His research is concerned with lifted planning, with a focus on (lifted) heuristics. He pursues this topic both in classical (non-hierarchical) and in connection to hierarchical planning.

Websites by Pascal: