Xiaodi Zhang

Xiaodi started with his PhD in August 2021. His panel chair and primary supervisor was Dr. Alban Grastien (from the ANU), and his two associate supervisors were Assoc. Prof. Charles Gretton and Prof. Hanna Kurniawati. Since Alban left the ANU in 2023, Charles became his panel chair and primary supervisor and I joined the team as associate supervisor early 2024.

Xiaodi is concerned with solving classical (non-hierarchical) conformant planning problems, i.e., those where actions all have deterministic effects but we don't have just a single initial state but multiple ones -- and no sensing actions, so we don't know in which of these states we actually are (neither in the beginning nor during plan execution). So the goal is to find a plan that works no matter in which of these states it's being executed. In the last year of his PhD he looks into how these problems can be solved even more efficiently if we exploit a multi-core processor.

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